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Fashioning Their Future is an initiative of The Stitch Institute. The program builds on youth's interest in fashion to:  

  • Increase their interest in and knowledge of technology
  • Further their positive personal development
  • Increase their exposure to career opportunities
  • Build their leadership skills   
  • Help develop their positive self-image and esteem
  • Strengthen their academic skills
  • Help them understand smart consumerism

The Stitch Institute

The Mission of The Stitch Institute is to provide classes for those interested in learning  the art of fashion while promoting and celebrating excellence in  craftsmanship. 

Classes are offered for individuals interested in personal enrichment or those interested in operating their own small businesses.   

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About the Curriculum


Incorporates S.T.E.A.M. Disciplines

The fashion industry involves the efforts of professionals from many different disciplines. The curriculum for the Fashioning Their Future program incorporates lessons that provide applied learning activities in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. They also touch on history, sociology, psychology, and English grammar and composition


Daily Activities

Participants will be taught the fundamentals of garment construction and use sewing equipment in the creation of garments and other sewn objects. Older participants will have the opportunity to make garments from their own design concepts. They will also be engaged in projects using the computer as they use pattern-making software as well as other graphic art software and office applications.    


Special Projects & Presentations

In addition to their computer and construction lab activities, they get the opportunity to engage in special projects like the Reerun Boutique with clothing and accessories they redesign and re-purpose from discarded items.  They also attend presentations by special guests to help expose them to career opportunities and help with their personal development.

Fashioning Their Future Summer Camp

Easily Integrated

If you have the space available at your school, church or center, and are willing to invest in the needed equipment, you can easily offer this program to the youth you serve.  We provide the trained instructors (with all background checks and clearances necessary for childcare regulations). We also provide all of the marketing tools and assistance with getting the word out about your program.

Age-Appropriate Activities

We have age-appropriate learning activities that can be used with two specific age groups 11-13 and 14-18. You can offer the program to one or both groups during the summer camp; however, they will have to each meet in a separate space or during different times.  

Customizable and Adaptable

Our curriculum is made up of learning modules, each with specific learning objectives and activities designed to help students meet the objectives. Organizations can choose to offer modules based on the expected length of their camp, and the modules can be offered in ways that accommodate other summer activities.  

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Saturday Workshops

Saturday Workshops

We offer special All-Day Saturday workshops where participants start and complete a project in one day. Participants must bring their own machine and know how to operate it in advance. We also provide the supply list in advance so that participants come ready with everything they need for the day.

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Partners & Program Locations

Kingdom Seekers Worship Center, Montgomery, AL

Kingdom Kids Summer Camp


The Stitch Institute is partnering with the Kingdom Seekers Worship Center in Montgomery, AL to offer the Fashioning Their Future program to girls attending their Kingdom Kids Summer Camp. The camp program runs from Wednesday, May 29 - Thursday, August 1. The culminating fashion show will be held on Saturday, August 3. 

What they're learning


Girls enrolled in the program are learning basic sewing machine operations and how to sew through simple projects and garments. They are also learning about the fashion and the environment while they learn ways to redesign and re-purpose old garments to reduce waste.  They will use a graphic art program to assist them in designing their own fabric and will make a simple skirt using their own body measurements from the fabric they design. 

Kingdom Seekers Worship Center


209 Gunn Road, Montgomery, AL 36117

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